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Think valet service is too much of a headache?


We talk to managers every day and here’s what they say about valet service:

  • "Lucky if they get all the doors - they always seem to miss part of my property"

  • "My maintenance staff usually has to clean up after valet trash the next day - hallways are a mess"

  • "They start off pretty good, but after a few months the service is terrible"

  • "Inconsistent pickup times"

  • "It's never the same guy"


Sound about right?  If this is you we urge you to try one more thing – COMMUNITY VALET


At Community Valet, our goal is to make valet service what it was designed to be – a convenience for residents that increases the property’s value.  This is our promise.                   

              We guarantee our service in writing


We leave our fingerprints everywhere, not literally, but you can always tell it’s us.  Everything we do has our own unique and personalized touch that only a local family owned company can deliver.  With a decade of experience in multifamily waste operations, we are experts at delivering a valet waste EXPERIENCE that residents can TRUST.

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